Four Easy Social SEO Tips for Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter if you’re very new to business; you can still enhance or improve your chance of getting ranked, if you approach with the right SEO tactics. With the right action, you can get your site ranked in the top page, when users are searching for phrases or keywords, which is relevant to your website. There are many ways to enrich ranking and here you can see social SEO, which refers to the interaction play and social media network links to optimize the site, so as to achieve higher rankings. These are very simple tips, which you can implement at any time.

Optimizing the Social Media Profile

Your social media profile should be as descriptive as possible; do not forget to include ‘information’ or ‘about’ sections in your social sites. Make use of phrases or keywords to describe your brand, business, and product. If you’re handling Facebook for local users or clients, it is best to include your office or residence address. Do not forget to provide links from your business’ site to your social channels. The category field is often ignored on Facebook fanpage creations, but is quite essential for mobile users. Ensure that your business is listed in the right category.

Updating the Content

When it comes to optimizing content, you need to give relevant keywords and contents; you should ensure that your social website is getting frequent updates, in terms of content or news. You should be sharing the post from your blog or website, in order to give SEO the boost. Tweeting new content or updated news is suggested, as it helps Google to index your page faster. You can give your brand name in your social posts, so that the search engine can associate with the keyword used in describing the post.

Building Links

One of the main reasons that make your site to get ranked is quality links; if your site or blog is linked to a site with good page-rank and quality content, it would be a plus point for you. When quality websites are linked to your blog and vice versa, the more authoritative your site will be. A good authority site means higher SERP rank. If you’ve quality content, you would be automatically redirected to quality links that better your ranking. Use Pinterest to enhance your keyword and link building strategy. You can take some guidelines from that offer great variety of facilities, including SEO methodologies, and marketing strategies that suit the best for profit in business.

Create Google+ Local Listing

Create a Google+ business page and add all about and profile section, using the right keyword or phrase, describing your business. Google lets the page admin to add customized links within their profile, which you can use to link back to your blog, website, or any other social channel. You can as well create local page (which is quite different from business page), if you want to target local audience, who can connect with your brand’s physical location.

These tips would help you in improving your SERP ranking and sales.


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