How Much Computer Science Basics Do You Know?

How Much Computer Science Basics Do You Know?

You cannot learn things over night. You need to have a proper approach towards what you want to do. Learning to code is not an easy thing. However if your passionate about coding, you need to learn from the basics. As a beginner, you should start learning from Bites to bytes, how many kb in a gb, how many bit in a byte. Well, it will take time to understand things, but the approach varies from one person to another. Here are few things that you should know before you start programming:

Get the basics right

When you start with the basics, you need to go slow. Once you are confident you can try executing short programs on the compiler. By doing this you will get to know where you stand. You can find few courses online that help you get going:

  1. Introduction to Computer Science, Wikiversity.
  2. Intro to Computer Science, Udacity.
  3. CS50: Introduction to Computer Science.

Build Patience

Patience is a key to success. The number one qualities for being booming programmer is building patience. Some concepts are very hard and require at most patience to understand, in such circumstances you should not give up. Consult the experts to learn the concept better.

Set a Goal & Move towards it

Goal-setting can be a power booster, in finding a way to prove yourself. Suppose if you are planning to learn python, set a goal to do a simple project by the end of the week. Once the goal is accomplished, set one more, and try executing things faster.

There is no end to learning in programming. That is why you should keep setting goals. Here are some sample goals:

  1. Build a calculator using JavaScript and CSS
  2. Create a dynamic website using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  3. Create a responsive website using Python, Ruby, PHP and Back-end programming languages.

Ok, what is next?

Well, now you have crossed rookie’s tunnel. You might worried what’s next? Is this the end? Is there anything that you can still learn? As mentioned earlier, there is no end to learning. Programming is endless learning!

Hope the above blog has given you valuable information as to know how basics are important before you start anything. Thanks for reading!


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